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Diego Fasoli

My long-term project consists in developing an analytical model of the whole cortex at different scales of spatial organization. I am working on equations that take into account biologically realistic synaptic connections and plasticity, finite size effects, stochasticity, and delays.
The 3D models of the lobes are from BodyParts3D/Anatomography, website maintained by Life Science Databases (LSDB). BodyParts3D, The Database Center for Life Science licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.1 Japan. The images of the column and the neuron have been generated by the software NeuGen.
Here is a collection of html5 and executable files I developed for fun in spare time, ranging from neural networks and 3D brain modeling, to simulation of physical systems. Please click on the slideshow to be redirected to the page of the animations.
Welcome to my website! I am a postdoc at the Laboratory of Neural Computation of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Rovereto, Italy. My work focuses on the study of neural networks by means of advanced mathematical techniques, such as bifurcation theory, stochastic differential equations, probability theory, functional connectivity analysis, graph theory etc.